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The district of Karya, the main village of the island - with a distance of 12km to the capital - does not cease to surprise and amaze the visitors of the island as it gives you the feeling you left the island and you are finding yourself in "Arachova" (a famous traditional mountain village of mainland Greece). It is nestled amphitheatrical on the slope of the mountain with its old windmills surrounding it.

Down below on the sunny plateau appears the valley of Karya, a plain filled with olive trees, vineyards, almond and walnut trees, crops of chick peas and the scent of oregano and fennel.

Here, our family cultivates their own olives and grapes using traditional methods to producing our extra virgin olive oil & wine – white “Laorko”, red “Vertzami” & “Agioritiko” – traditional, old grape selections that thrive on the heights of the plateau.
We are also selling small quantities of dried fruits/nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, chickpeas which are growing naturally organic and a variety of hand-made embroideries created artfully and with love by Mrs. Rozalia.

While strolling through the little streets of Karya - with its stone-built houses and the blossoming, flower-covered courtyards, the refreshingly shadowy village square with its impressive plane trees, the fresh water well that descends from further up the mountain, the traditional cafés and taverns (e.g. “o Karamboulias”) with delicious local dishes, the little shops with traditional sweets (Ladopita) and the famous Karsanic embroideries and knitwear, the folklore and wine museums - you feel the harmony, the wholeness and the uniqueness of the place.
Also, the famous beaches of Agios Nikitas: Kathisma, Mylos and Pefkoulia are only 5km away from the village of Karya.

The cultural centre of the constituency organises a large variety of happenings (especially during the months of July & August) and re-inactions of local customs like the “Karsanic Wedding”, the Lentil Festival, the Patron Festival of the Prophet Elias on the top of the mountain with views all over the Ionian Sea, the Celebration of Agios Spyridonas with the “Riganada” and the Folklore Dance Festival.

The presence of the locals and the visitors gives a cosmopolitan feeling, especially during an evening stroll – the so-called “ volta ” which is very popular on all the Ionian islands – around the paved roads and the main square of the village. For those who would like to enjoy their holidays staying in the village of Karya , we are happy to suggest suitable accommodation.

We are awaiting you with a very warm welcome.





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